ABC Affiliates To Drop GH?


If you've been on the Internet lately -- and obviously you have -- you may have seen the buzz that some fans have been told by their local ABC affiliates that GENERAL HOSPITAL is off of the schedule as of June 2012. Naturally, we wanted to get to the bottom of this, and here's what we know so far: According to a rep in one major market, they have not received word that GH will be dropped from the line-up this spring. A spokesperson for another affiliate agreed, saying, "I haven't heard anything about that, but I'll carry GH as long as ABC gives it to me." However, one little birdie at a major affiliate did tell us this: it looks like they have been informed that GH will get a new time slot, but whether that's in May or September remains to be seen. We're waiting on official comment from an ABC Daytime spokesperson. Be sure to check in for updates as we get them!

UPDATE: A spokesperson for ABC Daytime says that there is no truth to the rumor that GH will be absent from the schedules of some affiliates this summer, and that those stations have not been saying so to viewers.

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