ABC Changes Planned AMC Encore


ABC Daytime has decided to pull the previously scheduled encore of ALL MY CHILDREN's tornado episode on Monday, May 30, "due to sensitivity to recent actual events." In the past few weeks, tornadoes have ravaged cities in Oklahoma, Kansas and -- just this past Sunday -- Missouri.

In place of the October 2008 episode dealing with the aftermath of a tornado that rips through Pine Valley, the network's Memorial Day encore broadcast will now include the AMC episode of Cara and Tad's wedding from March 8, 2011. Tad's father, Joe, is skeptical of the union, but his mother, Ruth, is supportive. Meanwhile, Cara finds out that it was Amanda who called the INS, and Amanda refuses to attend the wedding. Across town, JR brings up the past to Marissa, but she is only focused on their future.

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