AMC & OLTL Clean Up Their Acts


Prospect Park and The OnLine Network announced today that beginning with the Monday, June 24, broadcast of ALL MY CHILDREN, both that soap and ONE LIFE TO LIVE will no longer feature swearing.

When the two soaps made the transition from network television to the internet, they were able to explore subject matter that network censors might object to or limit their ability to tell fully (sex trafficking, open marriages). This also meant that the scripts for both soaps were peppered with various four-letter expletives that would never have been allowed on ABC. But it seems that Prospect Park is continuing to listen to feedback from the fans, and have determined that the cursing was off-putting for enough of the viewers that they're eliminating the strong language for the episodes from now on.

Of course, if you're one of those who didn't mind a little adult language, you can click here and watch a rather hilarious compilation of all the cursing in OLTL to date! Oh my!

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