Anderson Is Going To Be A Dad!


Many congratulations to GENERAL HOSPITAL's Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and his wife of ten months, Kiera, who are expecting their first child -- a girl -- in mid-July. "I'm ready to be completely overwhelmed," the father-to-be tells Soaps In Depth with a smile. "We both knew we wanted kids. For us, the longer we were to wait, the harder it was going to be, so we thought we should get going when it's the easiest and the healthiest. There's never going to be a better time. It seemed right and we got lucky that it happened right away. When we used to talk about it, I'd get anxious. I'd become a master planner. I was already figuring out a way to pay for college. Now that it's happening, it's become so much simpler in my mind and I know it's going to be wonderful. As it's getting closer, I'm seeing the change in Kiera and seeing the change in me, as well. I'm not as caught up in the details as I'm starting to feel the reality of it. We're both so excited."

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