Don't Miss OLTL's Special Viki Episode!


Listen up, ONE LIFE TO LIVE fans! Wednesday, April 27, is a must-see episode, a special 40th anniversary showcase featuring Llanview's leading lady, Erika Slezak (Viki)! "Forty years she's been on the show, it's unbelievable," OLTL headwriter Ron Carlivati tells Soaps In Depth. "It was a great opportunity to honor Erika. Viki's husband cheating on her and her finding out about it was kind of the perfect place to build an episode around her."

While Slezak, naturally, is a big part of her anniversary episode, Viki isn't the only Llanview resident who will appear in the hour. "She's not the only person that you're going to see in the episode, but I think she's in every single scene!" the scribe reveals. "It's really all about Viki. She's the heart of the show, and there would not be ONE LIFE without Viki. I'm really excited about it. I hope the audience likes it as much as we do."

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