Duhamel Dishes On AMC Return!

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He's become a bona-fide movie star since exiting ALL MY CHILDREN, but when Josh Duhamel (Leo) heard that the soap would be going off the air, he immediately wanted to revisit the series that launched his acting career. His alter ego has been presumed dead since Leo plummeted over a waterfall in 2002 while trying to save new wife Greenlee from his maniacal mother, Vanessa. But as Duhamel himself tells Soaps In Depth, "if there was a chance that I was still alive, then I wanted to go back and do something. I really enjoyed those three years that I had on AMC, and I've kept up with a lot of the people there."

Just a few days after Duhamel placed a call to casting director Judy Blye Wilson, "they called back and said they'd love to do it." While we couldn't get the Transformers star to divulge any storyline specifics -- not even whether Leo returns in the flesh or as a ghost -- Duhamel does promise that his character's reunion with Greenlee "is respectful to what's going on in her life now."

Look for Duhamel to appear on-screen for a handful of episodes starting Thursday, August 4. And for more of our interview with the star, check out the ABC issues of Soaps In Depth on sale July 25 and August 8!

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