Exclusive: AMC's Wittrock Is Out!


As last Friday came to an end, Soaps In Depth began to hear rumblings that ALL MY CHILDREN had let go Finn Wittrock (Damon). So we went straight to the source over the weekend at a performance of the actor's play, The Laramie Project, and Wittrock confirmed exclusively to In Depth that he indeed will be leaving the soap "in a few weeks." The Juilliard graduate, who seems to be taking his exit in stride, added that with the shooting schedule, he should air through January. A source shares that ever since the new headwriters took over the helm at AMC, they haven't quite known what to do with Damon, as they brought in a character of their own creation, Trent Garrett's Asher, and reportedly have big plans for Caleb's son. Wittrock and his theater company, The Mechanicals Theatre Group, wrap up their production of The Laramie Project this weekend. **


** A rep for AMC has since commented that Wittrock's contract was in fact coming to an end, and it was the actor himself who made the decision to leave. At this time, a final air date is not yet available.

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