Genzel Plays Doctor!


Who's the latest soap vet to drop by CINEMAX's anthology series FEMME FATALES? ALL MY CHILDREN's Carrie Genzel (ex-Skye)! "I play Dr. Marlowe, a no-nonsense doctor who runs a very exclusive and experimental clinic in Mexico," the actress tells Soaps In Depth of the episode that airs this Friday, July 15, at 11 p.m. EST. "I had a blast on set playing the intimidating Dr. Marlowe. In fact I think I had so much fun getting into character that the crew was a little afraid of me at first," she laughs. "But once I tripped over an electrical chord in between scenes my cover was blown, they all saw the goof I really [am]."

Genzel is currently in Vancouver, working on her next gig: a starring role as the prosecuting D.A. in the upcoming Lifetime film The Pastor's Wife, based on the real-life 2006 media sensation where Mary Winkler murdered her small-town preacher hubby.

Check out two preview clips of Genzel in FEMME FATALES below!

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