GH's Brown Says 'Bye


Let's get right to the point... is GENERAL HOSPITAL's "certifiable" surgeon, Dr. Lisa Niles, dead or not? Truthfully, it looks like "not." Now, before Scrubs fans get their panties in a bunch knowing that the woman who attempted to both destroy and end Robin's life isn't roasting marshmallows in hell, there is a lot of storyline still playing out from the Robert Guza Jr. arcs. That said, with new headwriter Garin Wolf steering the ship, whether Lisa's coma is permanent or not remains to be seen. Will she wake up? If she does, will she still be "bad" or will she be redeemed? So many questions and, unfortunately, not many answers just yet.

What Could Have Been
"There's definitely a part of me that thinks there could have been some really fun stuff had they kept her with Johnny," says Lisa's uber-talented alter ego, Brianna Brown.

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