GH's Reel Life And Real Life Pregnancy!


It's true: GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sabrina Santiago is pregnant... and so is her real life counterpart, Teresa Castillo!

A big congratulations to Castillo and her husband of five years, Shane Aaron, who are expecting their first baby in May. "We're having a girl!" she tells Soaps In Depth exclusively. The happy couple, along with the rest of their families learned the gender of their unborn bundle of joy all together by opening a sealed envelope from her doctor on Christmas Day.

"Shane and I were actually surprised it was a girl!" Castillo says. "We were certain it was a boy. But we're both completely thrilled. I'm one of three girls and I have two nieces, no boys. So our families weren't surprised at all. Everyone is very excited." Certain her husband will be protective of his baby girl, Castillo adds with a laugh, "Shane is now in the market for a shotgun."

The big due date is May 24, and they can't wait! "I feel like I'm in a good place, career-wise and in my personal life, as well," Castillo says. "Shane and I have been together for quite a while now and we've always wanted a family. We're so excited to start this new chapter in our journey. And it's so awesome that GH wrote in Sabrina's pregnancy. I feel like it was appropriate for the story. It just adds to the drama, and I love it."

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