GH Villain Arises!

Jim 20warren 20photography

Don't miss GENERAL HOSPITAL bad boy Robert LaSardo (ex-Manny/Mateo)in his plum role on Cinemax's new late-night anthology series, FEMME FATALES. In the episode, titled "Bad Medicine," he plays a psychopath who takes over the hospital on a night when a nurse (Christine Donlon) is already coping with a bad boyfriend, played by GUIDING LIGHT's Scott Bailey (Sandy). "Eventually he takes her hostage and tries to use her as a way to escape from the hospital and he kills a bunch of people in the process," LaSardo previews. "So it's an edgier version of [what Manny did] on GH; some of the stuff that you can't do on daytime television we were able to do with FEMME FATALE."

The episode debuts Friday, May 20, at 11 p.m. EST, but you can get a little taste in the clip below!

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