GENERAL HOSPITAL's Helena Cassadine — Her Evil Legacy Continues!

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The wicked supervillain Helena Cassadine is constantly defying death and returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL, and even when she’s not around her evil presence is still felt. Having rescued her son from Helena’s clutches, Elizabeth found herself wondering exactly what the little boy went through during his time on Cassadine Island. Given Helena’s past crimes, nothing would surprise us!

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Helena made her first appearance in 1981 when GH fan Elizabeth Taylor arranged for a guest appearance so she could be part of Luke and Laura’s legendary wedding. Cast as the vengeful widow of Mikkos Cassadine, who had perished at the climax of the Ice Princess storyline, she came to Port Charles to put a curse on the happy couple.

Dimitra Arliss made a brief appearance as Helena in a couple episodes in 1996, but the villainess returned in force in 1997 when Constance Towers assumed the role and Helena plotted against her son, Stefan, who she viewed as weak and unworthy of the Cassadine name. She murdered Katherine and framed Laura, then revealed that Nikolas was really Stavros’ son and the true Cassadine heir.

Lucky Spencer was presumed dead in a fire, but it was revealed he’d been kidnapped and brainwashed by Helena to do her bidding. She also had her dead son Stavros in suspended animation waiting for the right time to bring him back to life. Thankfully, Lucky broke free of Helena’s conditioning and Luke managed to kill Stavros again.

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Helena abducted Nikolas’ son, Spencer, and later orchestrated the appearance of his late wife Emily’s look-alike, Rebecca. When Helena resurfaced again, she was deathly ill, and fearing the mysterious Valentin Cassadine, so Nikolas had her flown back to Greece for her own safety.

A recovered Helena returned to Port Charles and began threatening Elizabeth, who she believed was carrying Nikolas’ baby. This led to lots of DNA test shenanigans. Helena made another grand appearance when she shocked Ethan with the news that Cassandra was really her daughter, Irina, and part of her plan to wreak vengeance on the Spencer family. Revealing a kidnapped Luke, Helena announced that one of them would die, and then shot and killed Irina!

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Lulu was kidnapped by Helena, and Luke and Laura were shocked when they tried to rescue her and instead found Ethan. Helena gave Laura a gun and offered to release Lulu if she shot Ethan or Luke. But the Luke and Laura turned the tables, shooting Helena and believing her dead.

However, Helena was later revealed to be alive, thanks to Robin’s miracle formula that also saved Jason. With Luke suffering from D.I.D., he teamed up with Helena and they plotted to blow up the Cassadine yacht with everyone aboard. Nikolas banished Helena, and when Luke recovered and went in search of answers, he found a weakened Helena who appeared satisfied and offered him a gift — his presumed-dead grandson, Jake!

Once Jason regained his memories, clues led him, Sam, and Liz, to the Cassadine compound where Nikolas was ministering to his dying grandmother. She put a curse on Sam, and just as she was about to tell Jason a secret from his past, finally passed away. Liz was unable to revive her and everyone left believing the villain was at long last defeated.

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While Helena has made additional appearances from beyond the grave in people’s nightmares, given her disturbing history, it wouldn’t be surprising if she physically returned from the dead to wreak further havoc on Port Charles again in the near future!

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