Irizarry Speaks Out!

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As rumors continue to fly about which ALL MY CHILDREN stars will be moving with the soap to its new Prospect Park home online, Vincent Irizarry (David) has released a statement via his Facebook page regarding his status. "I've been getting a lot of questions from many of you, asking two things: am I going to the AMC Fan Event, and will I be staying with the show when it transitions to the Internet?" he posts. "The first is easy, yes, I plan on being at the AMC Fan Event at the end of the month. The second, not so easy. Some have even informed me that it was reported somewhere that I'm staying with the show. That is not at all true at this time. Until I hear from the new producers to learn what they're offering, I have to work under the assumption that my contract with the show ends on August 31 and plan accordingly, which I am."

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