Larson Gets Nasty!


ALL MY CHILDREN's Jill Larson (Opal) is setting aside the loud, eccentric outfits and wacky accessories that her alter ego is know for and stepping into a much more refined costume: that of a nun! The actress has landed the guest-starring role of a nasty lady of God on ABC's hit primetime soap DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, which she couldn't be more thrilled about, seeing as how it's her first foray into primetime. "I had the good fortune to do it on a show of this quality, which made the conquest, if you will, all the sweeter!" she tells Soaps In Depth, adding that the role came about via a friend's suggestion. "She called and said they were casting a part of a nun and said it would be kind of fun and thought maybe I'd be good for that. So I called my agent and left a message, and within a day, they had an appointment for me. Everyone was very kind, and then the next day, my agent called and said they were booking me. I was thrilled!"

Though Larson admits that she was nervous to step out of her comfort zone at AMC and into the unknown, it was an unforgettable experience that she'd welcome again. "It all went very well," she smiles of her scenes with Eva Longoria (ex-Isabella, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS), who stars as Gaby. "She was so generous. And... we got to do the scenes maybe 12 to 15 times, which in daytime is unheard of! And so that was a wonderful luxury."

Larson's episode is scheduled to air Sunday, February 20, at 9 p.m. EST, so tune in to see her in action!

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