McClain Goes Behind The Camera!

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You know Cady McClain (Dixie, ALL MY CHILDREN) as one of daytime's most talented actors. Now, she's stepped behind the camera to create Flip Fantasia, her own short film. "I wrote, directed, and produced it," she says proudly. "It's an urban love story: a dark comedy about friendship, letting go, and growing up." It's Napoleon Dynamite crossed with The Pineapple Express... except even quirkier!

We won't spoil the fun by revealing the story, but McClain does hope to share a message with the movie. "Kids today are partying harder than ever — the pressure to partake and be wild is pretty intense," she observes. "I think it's something that's worth having a nod to. It's part of our culture now, and maybe it's not so cool."

Visit this link starting on Tuesday, September 17, to be among the first to view the piece (Warning: Contains adult language and situations). "I made this film for real people and an online audience," McClain offers. "I want them to be able to see it." For more from the actress, including her thoughts about the next season of AMC, check out her upcoming feature in Soaps In Depth.

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