OLTL's Eli Spoofs Sports!


Matt Walton (ex-Eli, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) is trading in daytime drama for primetime comedy! The actor plays fictional sports anchor Alex Reiser on ONION SPORTSDOME, premiering tonight on Comedy Central. The satirical series spoofs sports programs like ESPN's SPORTSCENTER. Could it prompt real-life sports figures to want to appear on the faux news program? "All sports athletes want to be actors, just like all actors want to be rock stars," muses Walton. "They are going to find that it's really cool that [our show] is on Comedy Central, and now more and more people are laughing at them, so I think they're going to want to join in the party. We'll get a big response from the athletes who want to seem even cooler than they already try to seem."

ONION SPORTSDOME -- from the folks behind the fake news at The Onion -- debuts tonight, Tuesday, January 11, at 10:30 p.m. EST on Comedy Central.

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