Picture This!


Listen up, Maurice Benard fans! Hot off the presses comes a new photo book from photographer Jim Warren, featuring over two dozen photos of the man who plays GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sonny! "Maurice and I picked the photos out ourselves, so the photo selections are many of his very favorites and a lot of mine," says Warren. Did the two men have any disagreements in selecting which photos would make the final cut? "Well, Maurice didn't see the point in having too many smiling shots - I did," says Warren. (Fans do love to see Benard's dimples when he smiles!) "I won that argument!"

The 26-page book boasts 29 photos, including a centerfold picture that will make many of Benard's fans -- well, those who like looking at his tattoo, anyway! -- very happy! To get your copy, send a money order only, along with a $4.95 priority mail stamp and mailing label for quick delivery, to Jim Warren, P.O. Box 3555, Los Angeles, CA 90078.

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