Spinelli Makes His Choice!

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Who will Spinelli choose? And, will Faison "go up in smoke"?

Whoever it is that said nice guys finish last, obviously, had never been to Port Charles, NY. Spinelli -- bless his little heart -- went from being a girl repellent to a chick magnet quicker than you can say "The Big Bang's GENERAL HOSPITAL Theory." Yes, geeks with a heart as soft as their abs need love, too... and Spinelli's got more love than he ever imagined! Maxie finally told him she loves him, but that sad sack look on his face didn't scream, "Woo HOO! Ellie, you're outta here!" Team Spixie or Team SpEll? He's gotta make a choice! And he will. Place your bets...

Faison learned a very valuable lesson last week -- smoking cigarettes is bad for you. It's especially bad if you're masquerading as someone who doesn't smoke. Like, duh. What's weird, though, was that Olivia (aka The Long Island Psychic) mentioned Faison's dirty little habit LONG before mentioning his crazy Alfred Einstein hair! She sees things that aren't there but doesn't see things that ARE! Anyway, will Robert be able to warn Anna before she does the deed with the super villain?

Plus this coming week, Sonny makes a move to keep A.J. from Michael, Sam goes after McBain (and not in a good way), and the end of a Quartermaine era as they say goodbye to one of their own. It's a GH Thanksgiving episode you won't want to miss.

Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PT/CT on ABC. Be there!

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