Towers Turns Southern Belle!

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When she guest stars on NBC's 1600 PENN on Thursday, January 17, at 9:30 p.m. EST, Constance Towers will be trading in Helena's claws for a gentile accent! However, she might be just as dangerous! "I play Bunny Thoroughgood. She's very Southern (from North Carolina), and her husband is Senator Strom Thoroughgood, played by Stacy Keach)," Towers reveals. "She's someone who without knowing what she's saying, just says some terrible things!"

Alas, the gal's got a lot to deal with considering her hubby is one cranky old goat! "The episode is great -- it's called "The Old Guy's Ball," and it really is about the senator. He says outrageous things, and they keep him from getting into the senate to make his vote."

For the actress, getting a chance to do comedy was such a blast that she's eager to do more. "Bunny is called a recurring character, so hopefully she'll be back along with the senator because he's a lot of fun too," Towers offers. For more from this beloved performer, check out her Keeping Track feature in the current issue of Soaps In Depth.

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