Who Is Cesar Faison?

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Longtime GENERAL HOSPITAL viewers were just as surprised to see Cesar Faison as Robin was. But for those not "in the know" about the villain extraordinaire, we're here to fill you in!

The powers that be over at GH pulled yet another rabbit out of their hat and resurrected one of the show's scariest villains! Judging by that shivering, shaking, terrified look on Robin's face upon seeing Faison in the flesh, it was apparent that she was having a pretty lousy day. In fact, it was the worst day she could have ever imagined!

Anders Hove originated the character back in 1990, when he came onto the canvas as the son of Anna's childhood nanny. She became a secret agent with the World Security Bureau (WSB) and he fell into the DVX, which was filled with the most evil players on the planet. He became obsessed with her and succeeded in breaking up her marriage to Robert and kidnapping both her and Robin. Along the way, he stalked and kidnapped Felicia, smuggled diamonds, brainwashed Lucky on Helena's orders, and created a nerve gas that he not only sold to third world nations, but that he also planned on releasing it on everyone in Port Charles. Plus he shot his own mother dead!

Faison's obsession with Anna has not diminished through the years. It's only got stronger and more desperate... as evidenced by the lifelike rubber Duke mask!

Hove had a blast reprising the role of the legendary supervillain, even if only for a handful of episodes. "I had so much fun acting with so many of my old friends at GH," he told us. For more details about his stint and how they kept this amazing secret under wraps, look out for the next issue of Soaps In Depth, on sale soon!

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