Who IS Sean Donely?


Why the surprised looks from Luke and Holly when Sean Donely's face popped up on the bank's computer? GENERAL HOSPITAL fans who weren't around in the '80s and '90s might not know that Luke and Sean have quite a history together, so let us fill you in! (Or for the rest of you, perhaps refresh your memory?)

Sean had been Robert Scorpio's boss at the World Security Bureau way back when, only to become so bored in retirement that he went after the Aztec treasure to put a little excitement back in his life. He and Robert were BFFs — In fact, he's Robin's godfather!

It's also safe to say that Sean, as the head of the WSB, and Cesar Faison were mortal enemies, so much so that Faison poisoned Sean's wife Tiffany, leaving her comatose! Faison held the cure and for Sean to get it from him, he had to do Faison's bidding! But naturally, he instead joined forces with Robert and Anna to bring Faison down!

A handful of years later, Sean became the Port Charles police commissioner and Luke was the bane of his existence! The two were in caught in a showdown with the town's most notorious crime lord, Frank Smith, when Sean took a bullet... accidentally fired from Luke's gun! Sean was sent to Boston to recuperate, and his pregnant wife went with him. And that was the last we've seen of either of them... until now!

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