Who Is Stavros?


What's all this GENERAL HOSPITAL talk about the evil Stavros Cassadine? He can't be any worse than his momma Helena, now can he? Oh, heck, yeah! He is what you might call the Demon Seed!

Stavros' history with the Spencers goes back to 1983, when the spoiled rotten Cassadine heir became obsessed with Laura, kidnapped her, forced her to marry him and raped her. The end result was Nikolas. Helena was so jealous of her favorite son's fixation on Laura that she wanted Laura out of the picture, not by killing her but, rather, by helping her escape. A chain of events led to Stavros and Luke duking it out with Stavros tumbling down stairs and, supposedly, dying from a broken neck. Note we said "supposedly."

Fast-forward 18 years. All this time, Helena had kept her beloved Stavros "on ice" in a laboratory beneath the hospital. Okay, he wasn't really "on ice," but he WAS being kept frozen in a cryogenic chamber! With Tony Jones' unwilling help, Helena defrosted her son. He snuck around town unnoticed and planted little hints to remind Laura of him, leading her and Stavros' kinder, gentler brother, Stefan, to figure out he was alive!

When Nikolas came face to face with his chilling father (literally), he was not thrilled. Nikolas' rejection and cruel words devastated Stavros, who wanted to prove his love to his son. He did that by luring and trapping him, along with Luke, Laura, Alexis, Lucky, Stefan, Bobbie and Nik's girlfriend Gia in the underground lab and the adjoining tunnels. He and Luke, once again, battled it out, culminating in Stavros falling, supposedly, to his death in a bottomless pit. Note we said "supposedly" again!

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