Will Alderson's Good-Bye Win An Emmy?

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Kristen Alderson is thrilled to have received her very first Daytime Emmy nomination, especially since after so many years, she's no longer playing the part of Starr Manning that earned her the nod. "I'm really, really grateful," she says. "I'm leaving the character of Starr with a heavy heart."

The Younger Actress nominee learned the good news after waking up and checking her phone. "I saw that I had a million missed calls," she reports. "At first, I thought it was a bad thing, that something happened. But then I realized that it was not a bad thing. It was actually very good!"

And she's hoping that the emotional scenes on her submission tape sway the Emmy voters. "I turned in when Starr was saying good-bye to Cole and Hope in the morgue and when she kissed their graves good-bye," Alderson reveals. "They were scenes that were really hard for me to mentally prepare for. The best part of working as an actress is when you can lose yourself in a moment."

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