Wittrock Bids AMC A Bittersweet Goodbye!


ALL MY CHILDREN's Finn Wittrock (Damon) leaves the canvas the end of this month, and though it was the actor's decision to walk away from the role he took on in October of 2009, it didn't make leaving much easier! "I already miss the sense of community and family that was there," he admits. "But I'm trying to see new horizons and explore new things."

Having spent a lot of time "soul-searching," Wittrock decided that signing a longer contract like the show wanted wasn't an option for him, and taking Damon off the canvas seemed like the logical thing to do. "I gave it a year and learned a lot. My time with the show was so valuable," he says. "But I sort of felt like Damon wasn't grown up, and I felt he needed to go to college and make something of his life."

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